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What is your location?

My studio is based at the Suzuki Music Institute of Dallas, 14240 Midway Rd, Dallas, TX 75244.


In addition to a weekly private lesson, all students at SMID receive a weekly group violin class and Dalcroze class. Information regarding tuition and registration can be found at the SMID website

What are the ages of your students?

I start children as young as 4 and enjoy teaching students of all levels from beginner to advanced. I also enjoy teaching adult students and believe success can be reached at any age! 

What is the Suzuki method and how does it differ from traditional lessons?

The Suzuki method was developed by Japanese pedagogue, Shinichi Suzuki, and is built on the idea that every child is capable of learning to play a musical instrument if we approach learning in the same way that children learn to speak. For a detailed explanation, please click here. Here's a quick comparison of traditional music lessons and Suzuki lessons:

Amanda Hernandez Suzuki Violin

My child has been playing violin/viola for a few years now, can they still take lessons from you if they didn't start with the Suzuki method?

Yes! I am happy to take transfer students and students who have never taken private lessons before. I am committed to reaching each student exactly where they are and adapting my teaching style to fit the needs of the student.

What is your experience teaching advanced students?

I really enjoy teaching advanced students and have experience helping students reach their goals in advanced techniques, such as vibrato, shifting, and beautiful tone production; as well as working on advanced repertoire to audition for youth symphonies and regional orchestras, as well as achieve superior ratings at both regional and state UIL Solo & Ensemble competitions.

Where can I get an instrument?

Because the quality of the instrument plays such a large role in technique development, I ask that you always consult me before making any decisions. Having a quality instrument that is properly sized is essential to developing a good violin hold, bow hold, and playing without pain. For young beginners, we will work with a "box violin" in the initial lessons, so there is no need to obtain an instrument right away. When they are ready for the real violin or viola, I will help measure your child to make sure that you know the correct size, discuss the pros and cons of renting vs. purchasing, and give you some guidelines on how to determine the condition of the instrument. Though you and I will work together to obtain the instrument, I work closely with Young Musicians, Inc. in Keller, TX and highly recommend their shop to my students.

How much should my child be practicing?

As Dr. Suzuki said, "Success breeds success." We all like to do what we are good at, and daily practice is the main ingredient to success. As a general rule, students' daily practice should be equivalent to the length of their lesson (students who take 30 minute lessons should do 30 minutes of daily practice). However, with younger beginners, this may start at 15 minutes and grow to 30 minutes over time. Parents of young children may also find it helpful to break practice into smaller chunks (4 five-minute sessions instead of 1 twenty-minute session). The main component of creating a practice routine is consistency -- pick a time of day that your child is alert and stick to it. As with any long-term endeavor, practicing is sure to have its moments of struggle, so please feel free to reach out to me with ideas for how to keep practice enjoyable for both you and your child!

Do you offer virtual lessons?

Violin is an extraordinarily complex instrument that requires many layers of fine motor skills which are best communicated in person. Young beginners in particular require hands-on teaching to build a foundation of posture and technique. However, when a suitable violin teacher is not available due to location, older students (ages 10+) may benefit from virtual lessons when they are highly motivated and there is strong commitment from the parent. Studio policies for virtual lessons can be found here. Space is very limited and dependent on the maturity of the student—please contact me for more details. 

Are you available to perform for events and special occasions? 

Yes! I have experience performing at weddings, church services, business functions, and other special events. Please contact me either via email ( or by phone (432-934-7244) to learn more about availability and rates. 

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