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Parent Education

          The key ingredient to the Suzuki method is the involvement of the parent in the child's musical development. Many parents wonder, "How can I help my child practice the violin when I myself have no musical background?" The truth is, as long as you have time to spend with your child every day and are willing to learn alongside them from the teacher, you can be an excellent Suzuki parent, regardless of whether you have any musical experience. 

          In order to prepare for this exciting role as Suzuki parent, the first three lessons of every young beginning student will be for the practice parent only. Here are some of the topics covered in the parent/teacher lessons:​

  • Overview of the Suzuki Method​

  • How to create a practice routine

  • Three types of listening: active, passive, saturated

  • How to critique your child during practice in a way that builds self-esteem

  • How to develop character during home practice

  • What to take note of and listen for in lessons so that you always understand what to practice with your child (click here for a sample note taking sheet to help organize your child's notes)

  • Care of instrument and bow

  • How to tune the instrument

  • Basic music knowledge

          During each lesson the parent will also learn one small skill that they are to practice with their child each week and begin listening to the Suzuki CD. So, even though the child hasn't begun lessons with the teacher yet, they will have already started the learning process. 

          After completing the parent/teacher lessons, the Suzuki parent will continue to come to lessons with their child as a supportive observer. The Suzuki parent will take notes during the lesson, video important segments to aid home practice, and communicate with the teacher about the child's progress.

          While these initial parent lessons are excellent preparation to equip the parent with tools to aid in their child's musical development, parent education is an ongoing process that will continue throughout the course of lessons. Parents are encouraged to email/text/call the teacher with questions and concerns that come up along the way. As a Suzuki teacher, I value the relationships with the parents of my students and am dedicated to providing all the information and support I can to ensure each student's success. 

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